The Needs Assessment

The needs of our customers are important. You talk, and we listen. Tell our team about your business to help us get to know you and the needs of your customers. Together, we will determine the services that would most benefit you and will help turn your website visitors into repeat customers.

The Analysis

This is where our work begins. We review all our notes taken at the assessment and outline your required functionality. We develop a high-level service plan that will take a wraparound approach to helping you achieve optimal customer satisfaction.

The Presentation

Our team comes back to you, our client, within 48 hours of our needs assessment with a comprehensive plan of service. The presentation will include a description of the service plan that we recommend, a timeline with deliverables, and a pricing structure that results in a turnkey product.

The Design

Once you're happy with the service plan, we get to work on your development and design phase. We work with your team with content development, adhering to deadlines and providing updates that are comprehensive and transparent.

The Testing Phase

Before we put your new products into a live environment, we test, test, test. We assure that the new product has all functionality and that it is easy to use. We provide a stress test to make sure it can endure high traffic and frequent usage. We also use this phase to gauge how clear text may read to users as well as the impact of content placement and look. If something isn't working properly, this is where we find it.

Go Live

We manage the rollout and take your site live. We monitor it very closely for the first few days to make sure we didnít miss anything during the testing phase and to ensure a seamless transition. This is where you can breathe that sigh of relief. We did it!
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